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Hi, I'm Jemma! I write, podfic, and illustrate for bandom.


Go for it! I'll love it if you make podfics of my fic / repods of my podfic / art / music / soundtracks / podfic and fic covers / mixes / comics / banners / ficlets / fics / small origami hats regarding any of my ANYTHING. Seriously, do it! You don't even have to ask me first.

I do ask that when you're finished making your creation that you just send me a note or comment linking me to its original post, so I can squee and comment on it and then pimp it for all its worth.

Also, please credit me as the original author* / artist every time you post your lovely fic / art / music / soundtrack / mix / comic / cover / banner on the internet and link back to my account and to the original text / artwork. No neglecting to mention you're not the original creator! ;)

*In regards to repods of my podfic, I don't feel that you need permission from me at all since it's not my story. However, if you only feel comfortable making the podfic if you have every parties' permission, I will totally give you specific permission. Also, it'd be awesome if you could send me a link to your finished podfic so I can hear other interpretations of the fic and also stop listening to my own voice.

Also, collaborations! If anyone wants to collaborate on anything, that would be incredible! Fic, art, podfic, cover art, anything! Just send me a quick note or comment to share your ideas. I'd love to work with you!

I think that covers everything, but if you're unsure about anything or if you've come up with another form of fan-creation not mentioned here, just contact me! Chances are I'll say yes!
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